Valorant Beta – Phoenix Guide

This guide covers how to use Valorant’s Duelist Agent, Phoenix. Phoenix has a very rewarding play style, complimented by his aggressive abilities that grant him point presence and play maker potential. Phoenix’s Abilities Unique Agent Trait – Star Power Phoenix has 4 abilities, Blaze, Curveball, Hot Hands and Run it Back. Curveball – Bound to […]

Valorant Beta – Viper Guide

Valorant Viper Beta Guide

This Guide Covers how to use Valorant’s Controller Agent, Viper. Viper uses poison abilities to deny sightlines and areas of the map, making her a difficult agent to play against, especially if she has her ultimate up. Viper’s Abilities Unique Agent Trait – Fuel Viper’s Q and E rely on a fuel meter. You begin […]